Troop 130

Scout books


Be prepared

Campout fun time!


Songbook: 140 pages of songs to sing at a campfire

Scout Skits: A collection of 100 favorite campfire skits

More…Scout Skits: A collection of more than 75 favorite campfire skits

Boy Scout Songbook: 125 pages of songs to sing at a campfire

Scout Games: A collection of more than 50 scout games

The Scouter’s Companion: Tips and Stories celebrating 100 Years

Campout Meals


Camp Cookery: For small groups/Recipes for Groups of 8

Recipe Cards on a Ring Clip: Recipes for Campouts on cards

Skills to save your life!


Improve Your Survival Skills: 48 pages of survival skills

Field Book Manual for Basic Skills: 415 pages

Field Book Manual for Advanced Skills: 613 pages

Plants that Could Poison You in Switzerland and Germany: handout on how to react when poisoned

Informational Books by Role


Beginning Boy Scouts: An unofficial practical guide to Boy Scouting for adults

Patrol Leader Handbook: 146 pages of how to be a good patrol leader

Order of the Arrow Handbook: 95 pages of important information for OA


Books & Pamphlets:

Pamphlet: Knots & How to Tie Them (multiple copies)

Handbook of Knots - Expanded Edition: 175 pages of how to tie knots and what they are used for

Practice Kit

The Woodbadge Woggle (or the Turks Head Knot)

If you want one of the books please contact the Troop Librarian