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Troop 130


Troop 130 welcomes new scouts and parents !

We invite boys * to join in with one of our scouting activities to try it out and meet the scouts, and for parents to meet the scoutmasters and other adults.

* Scouts BSA is now open also to girls. Contact us if you are interested in forming a new troop for girls linked to our boys troop. Or check out Troop 77 which has a girls troop.

[ The below applies to usual times. During the current Covid situation we are meeting at various alternative locations. ]

Troop meetings are held every 2 weeks on Mondays from 19h00 to 20h30 at the La Châtaigneraie campus of Ecolint, Chemin de la Ferme 2, 1297 Founex, Vaud.

Email us at

if you would like to try a scouting activity, for a reminder email before our next orientation meeting, or for further information about joining Troop 130.

( Please note for boys and girls aged 5 to 10 there is Cub Scout Pack 130 which meets at La Chataigneraie once a month )


Scout uniforms can be purchased via the troop.

An official scout shirt costs around 40 CHF.

For camping, the Troop provides tents and cooking equipment.

Your scout will be required to have items such as the following:

Sleeping bag: good quality, made for camping. Look for a sleeping bag which will keep your son warm in freezing temperatures. Our scouts generally camp regardless of the weather!

Sleeping roll or mat: Standard sleeping mat available at most camping shops. Inflatable sleeping mats, known as "flocks" are also possible - not to be confused with inflatable mattresses.

Backpack : Usually with a hip belt and internal frame it should be able to pack all equipment (including sleeping bag) without the need for additional bags. Get one with an adjustable *frame* (not the same thing as simply adjustable straps) so that it continues to fit your scout as he grows.

Lightweight backpack / day pack – for shorter hikes.

Hiking boots ‐ Good quality, with Gore‐Tex that will keep feet dry and comfortable.

Water bottle & Mess kit ‐ Please ensure that this is good quality and will last for some time, yet lightweight.

Flashlight – Lightweight and water resistant. Head torches are best.


The Annual registration fee is 300 CHF per year for the first child and 250 CHF for the second and subsequent child from the same family.

Outdoor activities are not included in the fees and depend on the activity. We try to keep the costs reasonable and promote low cost events such as camping.

Fees should be paid to the troop account: **

Account Name: Boy Scout Troop 130

Account: 240-235140.00L

IBAN: CH97 0024 0240 2351 4000 L

Bank: UBS SA, Case Postale, 1260 Nyon


** For our families living in France with bank accounts in EUR, please consider making a transfer via a cheap online forex service such as Wise ( or other service provider ( to exchange your EUR for CHF at a good rate and ensure that the troop account receives the right net amount in CHF with no additional charges.

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Email us at

if you would like to try a scouting activity, for a reminder email before our next orientation meeting, or for further information about joining Troop 130.