Event Reports

Camp Alpine 2023

This year's Camp Alpine, scouts had the chance to participate in merit badges like wilderness survival, first aid, and nature study, nurturing their understanding of the natural world and survival skills.

But the excitement didn't end there! For the older scouts, the Summit program awaited, designed to challenge their adventurous spirits. Hiking through rugged terrains, navigating via ferrata routes, and rock climbing against majestic cliffs didn't only build their physical prowess but also instill leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities.

Evenings at Camp Alpine were full with traditional campfire gatherings, fostering a sense of community and friendship among scouts from different troops. Engaging campfire skits, songs, and stories created memories that last a lifetime, forming a bond between scouts that went beyond the camp experience.

Overall, the 2023 Camp Alpine provided an enriching and fun-filled environment where scouts from Troop 130 and 77 could challenge themselves, learn new skills, and embrace the spirit of adventure. Whether it's earning merit badges like swimming, rifle shooting, archery, and more or embarking on the thrilling Summit program, every scout returned home with a heart full of cherished memories and a sense of accomplishment.

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Scouts cooking two stews

Campfire time

Hiking and White Water Rafting

On 18ᵗʰ of June, the scouts went on a two-night campout. The first day was after-school. Therefore, there was not enough time for large events to happen, except some of them were able to complete cooking requirements. The next day, it was a day for a hike. Most of the younger scouts walked up the river la Sarine, though the Ramaclé Waterfall up to Rougemont, and they took a look at the beautiful church in the village. Meanwhile, the older scouts went up from Gérignoz to Rocher du Midi more than 2000 m high. After that, they jumped into a pool at the campsite and had ice cream.  The next day, after they had breakfast, they went on a bus, across the French-German language border, and went white water rafting down la Sarine. At first, they were scared of falling off, but the rafting wasn't dangerous as we thought it would be.

The scouts had a brilliant time in Château-d’Œx, and they couldn't wait for another time in the area.

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Via Ferrata

On the 12ᵗʰ of June, the older scouts went to Champéry to do some via ferrata on the cliffs. They improved their skills and techniques of via ferrata.

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Mountain Biking

On the 29ᵗʰ of May, the scouts went mountain biking in the hills of Col de la Givrine in St.Cergue, Vaud.  The older scouts have done 15km with their bikes and the younger scouts have done 7km. We started going over the hills after a warm-up. Later on, we descended the bumpy hills of the mountain and a few of them did the loop twice, again.

Afterwards, some of the scouts went to eat at the restaurants nearby the station, following a train ride with their bikes.

The event was very enjoyable, and it improved our mountain biking skills.

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Land Maintaining at BioParc Challandes

On the 22ⁿᵈ of May, the scouts went to maintain the BioParc Challandes. They flattened the land for a new tent with gravel, meanwhile, the others sanding around the plants. The scouts had some great fun, as well as the park having some good help.

Special thanks to the older scouts for your leadership and assistance.  

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Previous Campouts

In the previous months, the scouts have gone to various campouts around the local area. 

In the first two ones, we've done some hiking up to the camping site with a river aside. We had a couple of new scouts joining in for a trial.

In the other campout, which was a backpacking campout, we climbed up and down hills to the campsite. We really had to make sure the tents were covered by sheets, since it rained heavily and it was very hard to deal with.

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The scouts have been going climbing in April, in Grimper.ch in Satigny, Geneva. Apart from climbing, the scouts have done some bouldaring. We improved our climbing skills, and some scouts will get their climbing merit badge soon. The most amusing part of the event was dropping down from the top of the wall. The activity lasted around 2 hours and ended at 2 o'clock.

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GeoCashing in the Forest

During the previous three weeks, the scouts went on a geocaching outing, an event where you have to go to a few destinations as fast as you can on trails and roads. The event was planned by Giacomo, who set the destinations and planned the routes. The scouts walked in a total of around 3 km, across rivers, hills, and even through bushes. Most of the destinations were quite off of the road, and it took around 15 minutes to go from one another.

Congratulations to the winner group of the event was the team with Elijah, Silas, Marnix, Giorgio, with a time of 57 minutes, and every other people who participated in the event.

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Helping the BioParc Challandes

On the 27ᵗʰ of February, the scouts went to BioParc Challandes. One half of them went from 9 am to 12 am and the other half went from 2 pm to 5 pm. The park had animals such as wallabies, maras, muntjacs, rabbits, peacocks, ducks, chickens, geese, parrots, owls, lemurs, bald-headed eagle, camels, goats, boars, cheetah-like cats, fossa, raccoons, mice, and soon two new lynx.

The scouts helped with routines such as transferring the compost and spreading out woodchips from a pile for the wallabies and for the lynx who is going to come soon. The scouts were divided into two groups, and were switched after the first half. This event had around fifteen scouts who were lead by Oliver and Silas in the morning and Killian and Matteo in the afternoon. The work at BioParc Challandes was hard, but was fun and helpful to the staff working in the park.

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the wallaby zone has woodchips spreaded out equally (left), mara (top-right), muntjac (bottom-right)

woodchips spreaded for the lynx (right), peacocks (top-left), bald-headed eagle (bottom-left)

scouts working on the compost transfer (left), donation box (top-right), wallaby (bottom-right)

Hiking in Toblerone Trail

On the 13ᵗʰ of February 2021, the Troop 130 did a hike from Vich to the Cabane Forestière la Cézille next to the Toblerones. The hike was planned by Killian and Giacomo, and there were eleven scouts divided into four groups. The groups were led by the patrol leaders Killian, Silas, and also Giacomo and Marlon. The scouts worked on their merit badge and rank requirements. The weather was snowy and was sunny, and was a great time.

Someone also graffitied on the Toblerones, 'SCOUTS', but later the snow melted to leave no trace!

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